Why you need a strategic POV on your CX
Experience Strategy February 22, 202336:2666.69 MB

Why you need a strategic POV on your CX

On today’s episode of Experience Strategy Podcast, hosts Dave Norton and Aransas Savas will prove to you that your business needs a strong strategic POV on your customer experience in order to thrive. Listen in to hear how brands like @Apple, @W Hotels, and @Best Buy’s Geek Squad used a compelling experience POV to innovate and drive business success.


    • One of the key elements of an experience strategy is a point of view statement.

    • The POV statement describes the near future needs of your customers and how your company is going to dedicate resources to meet those needs in a unique and compelling way.

    • There are a variety of ways to create a POV statement including a declarative statement, an insight statement, a story, a theme, and a comparison.

    • Once you have the statement you can begin to build frameworks that help your organization to make better decisions regarding experience