The 5 Big Questions Experience Strategists Need to Ask Right Now
Experience Strategy June 28, 2023
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The 5 Big Questions Experience Strategists Need to Ask Right Now

Do you want to have more impact as an experienced strategist? In this episode, you’ll learn how to drive more revenue, value, and customer satisfaction, so that you can have a greater impact for your company.

Each year we analyze millions of data points and conduct hundreds of customer and experience strategist interviews in order to understand the biggest challenges facing customers and companies. We then connect solution-oriented teams in a year-long research and innovation journey to research and launch innovative, paradigm-shifting solutions that drive greater impact for companies and their customers. We divide teams into tracks based on the most urgent and important problems each individual company has to solve in the year ahead. We are thrilled to announce our five 2023/2024 collaborative tracks:

  • How to create a nimble experience in uncertain times

  • How to drive impactful innovation for Healthcare

  • How to become a digital experience company

  • How to use behavior change to sustain impact for transformations

  • How to create meaningful employee experiences

In this episode, you’ll hear Experience Strategy co-hosts, Dave Norton, and Aransas Savas unpack some of the biggest and most urgent problems experience strategists are facing right now, along with research and strategies for addressing them. You definitely don’t want to miss this episode!