The 2024 Experience Strategy Trend Report
Experience Strategy December 06, 2023
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The 2024 Experience Strategy Trend Report

The cultural and economic forces influencing your customer in 2024 will have a lasting impact on your experience strategy. Join Dave Norton, Experience Strategy Futurist, and Aransas Savas, lead researcher for our Trend Report, for insights and guidance from our decade-long study into customer behavior and mindsets.

This episode isn’t just a glance at trends; it’s a deep dive into the interconnected tapestry shaping the future of your strategy. In this episode, we dissect the value of time versus money, the paradoxical impact of technology on time scarcity, the evolution of smart homes, and the prevalent loneliness amidst reduced physical interactions. But here’s the kicker – beyond just trends, we discuss the critical need for businesses to transcend superficial personalization. Discover how to authentically align experiences with customer desires and behaviors. Tune in for a roadmap to adapt, thrive, and craft winning experience strategies amid the rapidly evolving landscape.