How to Create a Seamless Patient Experience
Experience Strategy July 26, 2023
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How to Create a Seamless Patient Experience

Want to deliver a more seamless patient experience but are challenged by organizational silos? In this episode you’ll learn how to get the research, partnerships, and innovation processes you need, so you can compete more effectively.

We are joined by Tiffany Mura, the Strategic Lead, Healthcare for Stone Mantel where she focuses on growing the practice and helping healthcare clients create transformational experiences for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. With almost 20 years’ experience across all key healthcare sectors - from life sciences to health insurance to digital/non-traditional - Tiffany brings a cross-industry perspective and deep knowledge of the space to help clients tackle the most challenging problems facing healthcare today. She has worked on both the agency and the client side, giving her a first-hand understanding of the internal corporate challenges clients face when trying to drive innovation and effect transformative change.

Tiffany shares emerging trends, resources, and game-changing frameworks for succeeding in the competitive Healthcare industry.

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