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About The Show

Welcome to the only podcast focused on the challenges of creating and executing against an experience strategy. The nasty little secret in the CX world is that many companies confuse experience measurement with experience strategy. And most podcasts on customer experience focus on how to organize an internal team to do CX measurement or design. An experience strategy is not a marketing strategy, a measurement strategy, a design strategy, a channel strategy or even a customer strategy—although having these can help. Strategic experiences draw from principles, insights, methodologies, and emerging capabilities. What they all have in common is that the experiences feel like time well spent. 

Join us as we learn together from actual consumers who are also smart thinkers about their experiences and discuss what worked and why. 

Our Hosts

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Aransas Savas

Aransas Savas loves people, loves engaging them in conversation, and loves great experiences. Aransas has worked with some of the world's best design thinkers and experience strategists. She brings her love of people and experiences to every guest she interviews. 

Dave Norton

Dave Norton is the Founder and Principal of Stone Mantel, an insights consultancy focused on meaningful experience strategy. Since 1999 he's been studying consumer behavior and experiences. He is also the founder of The Collaboratives, a thought leadership program for experience strategists focused on the future of experiences. 

An introvert, it was never Dave's ambition to host a podcast. But now that he's got the bug, we can't shut him up!